Reasons to Get a Tooth Extraction

As dental experts, we know how important preventative exams and cleanings are in order to keep your smile healthy. Restorative treatments can also help in the occasion that something goes wrong, but is it is essential for the integrity of your oral health to keep as much tooth structure for as long as possible, meaning extractions are nothing to take lightly.

Removing a tooth will be the absolute last resort after we have exhausted every other option available. In very few cases the only viable treatment approach is tooth extraction. Once the extraction becomes necessary, you can count on us at Carlsbad Coastal Dental in Carlsbad, CA to inform you as to why we are choosing this route and how it will benefit your oral health in the long-term.

Why Would You Need a Tooth Extraction?

There are few reasons to get a tooth extraction, but the most common are as follows:

Dental trauma: if a tooth has been broken or fractured below the gum line, extraction may be necessary.

Alignment problems: when faced with improper positioning, crowding, or alignment problems, a tooth can affect the alignment of the surrounding teeth.

Wisdom teeth: wisdom teeth are the furthest back molars in your mouth, and don’t serve any real purpose. Wisdom teeth can often lead to oral problems, and the recommendation of removal of wisdom teeth is to protect your oral health in general.

Orthodontic treatment: in the earlier stages of adulthood, some children or teenagers may opt to remove teeth that can lead to oral health care problems in the future.

Preparation for dentures: if you will soon be fitted with full or partial dentures, it may be necessary to remove several or all of your teeth.

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As stated above, extraction is nothing to be taken lightly. For this reason, we hope that you as a patient will seek the best dental advice possible. If you live in the Carlsbad, CA, area, and are in need of some tips or advice, feel free to give us at Carlsbad Coastal Dental a call as soon as possible.

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